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FQS Team Members

Howard Chesneau

Howard Chesneau is a graduate of the University of Florida.  Mr. Chesneau served as a Commissioned Officer in the US Army until discharged in 1969.  His experience in fuel additives, microbial detection, distillate fuel problems, fuel filtration and tank remediation extends over 30 years.  Mr. Chesneau has extensive knowledge and field experience of microbial contamination and detection. Mr. Chesneau has an international reputation as an expert on fuel related issues.


Mr. Chesneau is an active member of numerous professional organizations and associations.  Mr. Chesneau is the current past Chairman of IASH and is on the IASH Board of Directors (International Association for Stability, Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels, Inc.)as well as being an active member since 1983, a former member of the IATA (International Aviation Transportation Association) Working Group on Microbial Contamination, serves on the ASTM D2 Section E committees dealing with fuel from middle distillates to heavy oil, the ASTM D2 Committee for establishing the specifications for Biodiesel and the ASTM J Committee for jet fuel. He has been the Chairman of the local Atlanta SAE.  


Mr. Chesneau is member of the SAE Speakers Bureau providing technical presentation and seminars at SAE meetings and conferences.  Mr. Chesneau has been invited to speak at various industry conferences on the topic of Microbial Contamination - Causes, Effects, Cures & Detection Methods.


Mr. Chesneau has authored and co-authored many articles on the subject of fuel storage and handling which have been published in various trade magazines.

Edward W. English II


Mr. English is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemistry with over 25 years experience in the energy industry. At Fuel Quality Services, Mr. English is involved in all aspects related to domestic and foreign business development, client relations, R&D of performance chemicals used in various stages of production, receipt, storage and transport of crude oil as well as refined fuels including ethanol blended fuels, biodiesel blended fuels and biomass based fuels to the end user.  


Mr. English is active in several professional organizations and associations including ASTM Technical Committee D02, he is Vice-Chair for ASTM Subcommittee 14 on the Stability and Cleanliness of Liquid Fuels, and Chairs ASTM D02.14 Working Group for Fuel Corrosivity; the International Association for the Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels (IASH); the Coordinating Research Council (CRC) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Mr. English has also participated with industry peer groups to resolve industry wide issues such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Microbial Group; Underwriters Laboratory (UL) E85 Task Force and various Aviation Industry Groups, and the Clean Diesel Fuel Alliance - ULSD Accelerated Corrosion Task Force.  


Mr. English is recognized in the industry for his knowledge and expertise in the area of fuel systems, fuel specifications, storage and distribution of fuels, materials compatibility, microbial contamination and other forms of fluid contamination issues. Mr. English has been a guest lecturer, presenter and instructor at industry meetings, conferences and educational venues in the United States and abroad. He has discussed topics ranging from systems performance, product performance, specifications, failure analysis, fuel contamination, alternative fuels and materials compatibility with traditional fuels as well as alternative biomass fuels.


Before joining Fuel Quality Services, Inc., Mr. English worked in the nuclear power industry fulfilling technical and regulatory responsibilities both on-site and at corporate.


In addition to all of the activities discussed above Mr. English has also served as a legal expert witness in several federal civil litigation cases as well as a class action lawsuit.

Debra Chesneau

Debra Chesneau has 32 years experience in fuel additives, microbial detection, distillate fuel problems, and fuel filtration. Her knowledge includes fuel sampling, blending of additives, additive treatment, and site surveying for distillate fuel problems. Ms. Chesneau has 32 years of management experience in contracts, logistics, project support and administration, quality control, budget management, office management, chemical operations, and hazardous material shipments. Ms. Chesneau is the Director of Human Resources and is responsible for employee relations and training. She provides customer and technical support and oversees the ISO Quality Control Program. Ms. Chesneau is certified in shipping and receiving of Hazardous Materials for domestic and international shipments which are governed by 49 CFR (Ground), IATA (Air), and IMDG (Ocean). 


Ms. Chesneau has Health and Safety experience from a previous medical career. She has more than 12 years of medical experience.  

Scott Kaye

Scott Kaye has been with the company since 2002. He brings  32+ years of experience in domestic and international freight shipping.  Scott is certified in shipping and receiving of Hazardous Materials for domestic and international shipments which are governed by 49 CFR (Ground), IATA (Air), and IMDG (Ocean). Scott works with freight carriers and supply vendors to ensure FQS recieves the best possible pricing for our customers. Scott manages product production, packaging and shipments.

Margaret Umoren-Clark

Margaret Umoren-Clark has been with the company since 2011. She brings 7+ years experience in Customer Services and Sales. Margaret graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in Business Management. Margaret handles order processing, sales, product inquiries, first level support for customers and maintains customer accounts.

Cody Chesneau

Cody Chesneau  recently joined FQS in 2015. He has a bachelors degree in computer science and finance with an emphasis in information management. He has also achieved a Masters in Management at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke.  He brings product management experience to FQS. 


Cody oversees IT and has made substantial modifications to infrastructure and software to increase the productivity, efficiency, and security of FQS. Cody also manages various product production.

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