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In addition to our product line, FQS, Inc. offers a number of services available to an ever-growing variety of industries.

FQS has established an international reputation for superior product quality and services. No matter where you are in the World, FQS can help.  Let our experienced staff help you find the best solution to your fuel related needs.

Expert Witness


Mr. Chesneau, Mr. English, and Mr. Forester have served as expert witnesses regarding fuel, fuel storage, and fuel related issues. Fuel Quality Services, Inc. has over 30 years experience worldwide in fuel additives, microbial detection, distillate fuel problems, fuel filtration and tank remediation.

Customer Training


FQS offers hands-on training of our customers on subjects relating to microbial contamination, detection, prevention and fuel compatibility, as well as many other topics of interest in the fuels market today. This training is offered at our onsite training facility or can be conducted at a customer’s site.

Fuel Analysis


Fuel Quality Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of independent laboratory testing.  FQS will prepare an analysis report based on  results to include recommendations for correcting identified issues. 


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