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FQS-25021 Trap Breather Assembly

T.R.A.P. Breather

Since many contaminates are airborne, any oil or fuel exposed to the atmosphere will become contaminated unless the air is filtered or the container is completely sealed.

Use a good quality filter, like the T.R.A.P. (Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection) breather is recommended. The T.R.A.P. breather removes moisture at relative humidity levels as low as 15%. It offers superior moisture blocking and particulate filtration down to 3 microns at 97%.

Part Numbers:
FQS-25021 – Trap Breather Assembly Kit
FQS-25020 – Trap Breather Filter
X011407 AC Clean Fuel Cart

X011407 AC Clean Fuel Cart

The X011407 is a portable, self-contained filtration solution for clean, dry fuel in the field. Suitable for all mobile applications or whenever a complete “drop-in” system is desired, the X011407 features a high-quality 120V-AC PIUSI Panther® 56 pump for up to 15 GPM/56 LPM single-pass or kidney-looped filtration. For diesel fuel only.
  • High-efficiency particulate filtration provides clean fuel in a single pass
  • Water-absorbing media provides dry fuel by removing free water
  • Rugged, durable frame made of 3/16in (.48cm) steel
  • Electrodeposited zinc coating with powder top coat and stainless steel fasteners for ultimate corrosion protection
  • Conveniently placed slots and holes make securing or hanging frame easy
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleanup after filter changes
  • Heavy duty 9.84ft x 1in (3m x 2.54cm) clear suction hose
  • Spin-on filter elements can be replaced quickly with no additional tools
  • Heavy duty 13.12ft x 3/4in (4m x 1.9cm) discharge hose
  • Velcro strapping
  • Automatic shut-off dispensing nozzle prevents overfilling and spillage
  • Suction filter with anti-drainback keeps large dirt particles out of the pump, and prevents fuel from draining out of suction hose between uses
  • All units leak-tested before leaving the factory
  • Internal 100-micron pump filter protects pump from damaging debris
  • Differential pressure indicators show when to replace filters
Offline filtration * Cleaning new fluids before storage * Water removal * Fuel transfer * Tank cleaning * Flushing machinery * Mobile fuel delivery trucks * Kidney-looping fuel tanks * Flush diesel injection systems.
Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters

FQS Filtration offers a complete line of high technology filtration products designed to clean, protect, and polish your fuels and lubes prior to use.

New tier 4 engines have no tolerance for contaminants. These industrial quality water absorbing filters and particulate filters are highly recommended on pumps to reduce possible contaminants from reaching your Tier 4 engines. These systems can be retrofitted to existing pumps.