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FQS-046-HY-LiTE-2 Luminometer

HY-LiTE® Rapid Microbial Test for Fuel Systems

The HY-LiTE® Rapid Microbial Test for Fuel Systems can be used for testing of: Jet A, Jet A1, Jet B, JP8, JP8+100, F34/F35, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel B100 and biodiesel blends, marine diesel and ethanol blends.
  • Complies with ASTM D7463 ATP Test Method.
  • Simple to perform with results in 10 minutes or less.
  • The test will detect the presence of metabolically active microorganisms.
  • The test results are not affected by the presence of di-EGME (FSII) or approved levels of biocides (100 ppm FQS 1.5 Microbicide or 270 ppm Biobor JF).
Merck KGaA Warranty Statement: May 19, 2010
“HY-LiTE® 2 is only validated for use with the Merck range of pens and consumables. This includes the FQS Fuel Test Pen.”
Product Part Numbers:
FQS-047 HY-LiTE® Microbial Fuel Test Kit
FQS-046 HY-LiTE® Instrument
FQS-053 ATP Free Swabs
FQS-045 Paper Refills for Printer
FQS-044 E10 - Test Kit
FQS-035 MicrobMonitor2<sup>&reg;</sup> Test Kit

MicrobMonitor2® Test Kit

MicrobMonitor2® Test Kit is IATA approved and recognized by major airframe manufacturers for aviation fuel and is easy to use. You can test the water or fuel phase of hydrocarbon fuels. The kit consists of a test bottle containing a nutrient gel that promotes the growth of bacteria and yeast/molds. Once a sample has been added to the bottle, the container is incubated as instructed, dark place for 1 to 4 days for bacteria and 3 additional days for yeast & mold. The microbes actually grow in and on the gel. They will show up as red or purplish red dots in the sample bottle indicating a positive result. If you require a quantitative number, there is a color chart to compare the results against.

Generally, any positive growth requires action. Call FQS to consult on possible treatment options.

The MicrobMonitor2® can be used to test both the fuel/oil phase and the water phase.

IATA approved for aviation fuels

Product Number: FQS-035