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FQS-7010 1.5 Microbicide

FQS 1.5 Microbicide

FQS 1.5 Microbicide® is an EPA approved antimicrobial agent used in the control of bacteria and fungi in fuel systems that store liquid hydrocarbon fuels and oils such as: crude oils, petrochemical feed stocks, liquefied petroleum gasses, gasoline, diesel fuel oils, kerosene, coal slurries, renewable fuel blend stock and renewable fuel blends.

FQS 1.5 Microbicide® has the same active ingredients as *Kathon FP 1.5 Microbicide. It also has the same speed of kill, proven treat rate of 1:10,000, persistence and pricing.

FAST ACTING – FQS 1.5 Microbicide® has shown to decrease microbial activity in as quickly as 5 hours after initial treatment.

TREAT RATE: Typical effective treat rate is 100 ppm or 1 gallon FQS 1.5 Microbicide® to 10,000 gallons fuel product. Fuel systems with severe microbial contamination can undergo treatments of up to 400 ppm.

FQS 1.5 Treat Chart -

EPA Registration No. 65597-1

On QPL for MIL-S-53021

Product Order Number:

FQS-7010-14TP Quart Container

FQS-7010-01TP 1-Gallon Container

FQS-7010-05 5-Gallon Pail

FQS-7010-30 30-Gallon Drum (30 gals)

FQS-7010-55 55-Gallon Drum (55 gals)

FQS LTSA-430 Fuel Stabilizer

FQS LTSA-430 Fuel Stabilizer

LTSA-430 is a multifunctional stabilizer additive that provides functional and performance protection to burner and diesel fuels, including biodiesel blends up to B5, through the use of antioxidants to inhibit fuel oxidation processes which can lead to darkening of the fuel and sediment formation; metal deactivators that can lead to metal-catalyzed oxidation degradation of the fuel; dispersants that retards the agglomeration of fuel degradation products such as gums and particulates that are responsible for filter plugging, and a corrosion inhibitor that is effective in both oil and water wetted phases. LTSA-430 contains the chemistry required for intermediate (6-24 months) and long-term (24-60 months) stabilization of middle distillates and has also found widespread application in a number of non-military and commercial applications that store fuel, such as utilities, standby diesel generators, and home heating oil that also use burner and diesel fuels, including biodiesel blends up to BX-B100. When used as directed, LTSA-430 does not endanger the sulfur limits of ULSD fuels.

Link to LTSA-430 Treat Chart -

Treats at 1 gallon LTSA-430 to 5,000 gallons of fuel.

Part Numbers:

FQS-430-01 1-Gallon Container

FQS-430-05 5-Gallon Pail

FQS-430-55 55-Gallon Drum

Treat Rate
ULSD & B5:  1 gal. LTSA-430 to 10,000 gals Fuel - 100 ppm (v/v)
B6 to B19:    1 gal. LTSA-430 to 10,000 gals Fuel - 100 ppm (v/v)
B20 to B50:  2 gal. LTSA-430 to 10,000 gals Fuel - 200 ppm (v/v)
B51 to B100: Contact FQS Technical Support.
FQS-046-HY-LiTE-2 Luminometer

HY-LiTE® Rapid Microbial Test for Fuel Systems

The HY-LiTE® Rapid Microbial Test for Fuel Systems can be used for testing of: Jet A, Jet A1, Jet B, JP8, JP8+100, F34/F35, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel B100 and biodiesel blends, marine diesel and ethanol blends.
  • Complies with ASTM D7463 ATP Test Method.
  • Simple to perform with results in 10 minutes or less.
  • The test will detect the presence of metabolically active microorganisms.
  • The test results are not affected by the presence of di-EGME (FSII) or approved levels of biocides (100 ppm FQS 1.5 Microbicide or 270 ppm Biobor JF).
Merck KGaA Warranty Statement: May 19, 2010
“HY-LiTE® 2 is only validated for use with the Merck range of pens and consumables. This includes the FQS Fuel Test Pen.”
Product Part Numbers:
FQS-047 HY-LiTE® Microbial Fuel Test Kit
FQS-046 HY-LiTE® Instrument
FQS-053 ATP Free Swabs
FQS-045 Paper Refills for Printer
FQS-044 E10 - Test Kit
FQS-035 MicrobMonitor2<sup>®</sup> Test Kit

MicrobeMonitor2 Test Results

MicrobMonitor2® Test Kit

MicrobMonitor2® Test Kit is IATA approved and recognized by major airframe manufacturers for aviation fuel and is easy to use. You can test the water or fuel phase of hydrocarbon fuels. The kit consists of a test bottle containing a nutrient gel that promotes the growth of bacteria and yeast/molds. Once a sample has been added to the bottle, the container is incubated as instructed, dark place for 1 to 4 days for bacteria and 3 additional days for yeast & mold. The microbes actually grow in and on the gel. They will show up as red or purplish red dots in the sample bottle indicating a positive result. If you require a quantitative number, there is a color chart to compare the results against.

Generally, any positive growth requires action. Call FQS to consult on possible treatment options.

The MicrobMonitor2® can be used to test both the fuel/oil phase and the water phase.

IATA approved for aviation fuels

Product Number: FQS-035
MicrobMonitor GMF

MicrobMonitor GMF

What is the test?
The MicrobMonitor GMF is an easy to use test kit for microbial  contamination in diesel and marine fuels with simple to read, reliable results. A small sample of fuel is added into a bottle containing a specially formulated gel. The tests bottle is then placed in a warm location and the number of microbial colony forming units (CFU) that develop indicates the severity the of contamination. Each box includes a single MicrobMonitor GMF test, a sterile sampling container and a sterile disposable dispenser for measuring fuel sample.

What is the test used for?
To assess the presence and extent of bacterial and fungal contamination in ground and marine fuels in storage, distribution and use, including:
  • Marine diesel and gas oil
  • Automotive diesel and gasoline, including biofuels
  • Heating oils and fuels for power generation

Who can use the test?
ANYONE - no special skills or equipment are needed, full instructions are provided, and tests can be used on-site.

Why test for microbes in fuel?
Microbial contamination in ground and marine fuels has caused power generation failures, large scale fleet disruptions, and power and propulsion loss in ships. If left unchecked contamination can:
  • Restrict the flow of fuel by blocking filters and pipes.
  • Corrode tanks
  • Degrade fuel quality

Regular testing for microbes together with a good maintenance regime can:
  • Improve asset performance
  • Reduce operational and safety risks
Product Number: FQS-035-GMF.
FQS-005 Bug Alert Test Kit

Bug Alert Test Kit

The Bug Alert® Test Kit is a good “go” - “no go” microbial fuel test.

Kits are complete and ready to use.

No special training needed.

Results as soon as 72 hours.

Effective control of microbial contamination through biocide use is only possible when routine monitoring of fungi and bacteria levels are performed. The Bug Alert® test kit makes routine determinations of fungal and bacteria populations quick and easy. The Bug Alert® test kit contains flexible plastic strips with dehydrated nutrient pad. The kit is complete and ready to use. No special equipment or training is necessary. Test results can be read Aerobic Bacteria (AB) 24-36 hrs. and Yeast & Mold (YM) 72 hrs.

The YM stands for Yeast and Molds (fungi), these are closely related organisms and generally require the same conditions for growth. Test results may be read as early as 72 hours and may take an additional 3 days for final results to be seen. The AB stands for Aerobic Bacteria, those organisms which require oxygen. Most bacteria that contaminates the industrial environment are in this category and will grow on the AB test strip. The kit contains dehydrated pads and requires no refrigeration.

If the test strips are positive for bugs, call FQS to consult on possible treatment options. If the test strips are negative, the next step would be to check for SRB (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria) anaerobic bacteria to determine if this might be the problem. A bottom fuel sample is required for microbiological testing.

Product Number: FQS-005
Fuel Filters

Filters / Filtration Systems

Filters / Filtration Systems FQS recommends cleaning fuels/lubes prior to being put into storage. Modular manifold solutions handle a wide range of flows and viscosities.

Water means trouble and where there’s water there’s life. Stop trouble before it gets in! Water has a way of sneaking in unless you have a Donaldson T.R.A.P.™ Breather standing guard over your system.

No moisture slips by Donaldson's Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection (T.R.A.P). In fact, it removes moisture at relative humidity levels as low as 15%.

The T.R.A.P Breathers are the only breathers that literally strip moisture vapor from intake air and exhales the moisture back into the atmosphere on the outflow cycle. T.R.A.P. filtration technology reacts instantly to thermal conditions, blocking moisture completely.

For additional information contact FQS.
FQS-007 Fuel Sampling Kit

Fuel Sampling Kit

Different tests and/or analysis require samples taken from specific points and levels in a tank or fuel storage system (i.e. dead bottom, middle). To aid in this task, FQS offers a Fuel Sampling Kit equipped with all the necessary supplies needed to properly collect a fuel sample for testing. We can customize the kit to meet your specific sampling needs. Fuel Samplers (formerly known as Bacon Bombs) range from 4 ounces up to 32 ounces. Ensure that you collect the proper amount of fuel and that the sample is drawn from the proper location of the fuel system. Insufficient fuel sample or sample taken from the wrong location may affect the analysis results.

This kit, in combination with our field test kits gives you everything you need to pull a tank sample and test for microbial growth at your location. If test results are positive for bugs, Contact FQS to consult on possible treatment options.

Kit contains necessary supplies to properly collect a fuel sample for testing.

Kit can be customized to meet your sampling needs.

Fuel samplers can be purchased individually and range from 4 ounces to 32 ounces.

Product Number: FQS-007
FQS 3000 Premium Winter Additive

FQS 3000 Premium Winter Additive

FQS-3000 improves cold weather performance and fuel economy while reducing maintenance and increasing equipment life. At a treat ratio of one-gallon to 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, FQS-3000 will exceed Cummins L-10 Superior Performance.

Performance features include:
  • Exceeds Cummins L-10 Superior Performance
  • Exceeds Cummins N-14
  • Keeps injectors clean
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Improves fuel lubricity
  • Improves fuel stability
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reduces cold filter plug point
  • Reduces fuel pour point
Product Number: FQS-3000
FQS 3500 Premium Diesel Performance Additive

3500 Premium Diesel Performance Additive

FQS 3500 Premium Diesel Performance Additive is specially formulated to improve the quality and performance of ULSD diesel fuel in modern High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) engines. It is also effective in higher sulfur diesel fuels and older style diesel engines. A treat ratio of one gallon for every 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel will keep fuel injectors clean, provide fuel economy, and improve overall performance. A treat ratio of one gallon for every 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel will rapidly clean up fuel injectors, provide superior overall performance, and improve fuel economy up to 7%.

Performance Features:
  • Keeps injectors clean at low treat rate of 1:2,000
  • Rapidly cleans-up dirty injectors including internal deposits at treat rate of 1:1,000
  • Improves fuel economy up to 7%
  • Restores lost power due to dirty injectors Improves fuel lubricity Improves fuel stability
  • Reduces filter plugging by reducing asphaltenes, degradation products and fuel contaminants
  • Provides improved corrosion protection to fuel
  • Will not adversely affect water separation of fuel
One gallon to 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel for improved performance.
One gallon to 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel for superior performance.
Container Size: 1-quart, 1-Gallon, 5-Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum, 270-Gallon Tote

Part Number: FQS 3500