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Fuel Quality Services, Inc.

Quality is Our Number One Service

Established in 1984, Fuel Quality Services, Inc. (FQS) is internationally recognized for providing superior and cost effective fuel system biocides, stability additives, microbial test kits, and on-site services to solve client issues in the crude oil and finished fuel markets.

Professional Services

Fuel Quality Services, Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified company.  Our commitment to quality products and services has always been the FQS Mission.


FQS has established long-term relationships with our customers with a commitment to fairness, integrity, and customer satisfaction. The expertise and varied backgrounds of our personnel enables FQS to offer innovative and unique solutions to meet our customer’s needs. 


Worldwide Consulting

FQS has established an international reputation for supplying superior product quality and services. No matter where you are in the World, FQS can help.  Let our experienced staff  help you find the best solution for your fuel related issues. 

FQS has been instrumental in developing and introducing new products and services into the fuel energy market for more than 30 years. FQS has developed and introduced customized mobile filtration, additive injection units and chemical technology for the military, the commercial industry, and US petroleum interests abroad.

All FQS products
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