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Fuel Analysis


Following the passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970, the USEPA has continuously mandated improvements to fuels and improving engine performance in order to provide for a clean environment. These changes in fuels coupled with the newer equipment designed for improved efficiency and reduced emissions has brought with it changes necessary in fuel testing and the types of tests that need to be run. It makes no sense to run tests which do not apply to today's new fuels and engines just to run tests!


FQS recommends our fuel test program the "Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Recommended Surveillance Program". FQS staff is available to answer your questions as well as explain the changes and why these tests are needed. The good

news is that these tests will give you better surveillance information appropriate to current fuels and better protect your valuable equipment.



These test methods are part of the FQS Surveillance Program:


Microbial Activity


Thermal Stability

Oxidative Stability


This is not an inclusive list of tests. For additional tests, please contact FQS.

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